Assistance Service dog

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Stability Assistance Dogs and Wheelchair Assistance Dogs compensate for physical limitations by pulling wheelchairs, turning light switches on and off, and picking up dropped or needed items.

A Service Dog can change your life and allows you the freedom to do things you never thought were possible!

The following tasks represent what assistance dogs, wheelchair assistance dogs and stability assistance dogs are capable of performing. Each dog is specifically trained to their owners personal needs based on their medical condition and may or may not include the following tasked described.

Guide dogs are trained to maneuver visually impaired individuals around obstacles and across streets. Hearing dogs alert the hearing impaired to sounds that might otherwise go undetected. Wheelchair assistance dogs also provide emotional support for those in need.

We customize your dog’s training to fit your personal needs!

You also have the Freedom to take your Service Dog wherever you need – Airplanes, Restaurants, Supermarket, even in hospitals by your bedside!