seizure alert dogs

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Seizure Alert Dogs could save the life of an adult or child with a seizure disorder while providing a care giver the security of knowing that another set of caring eyes is focused on that seizure prone child or adult.

Seizure Alert Dogs
Seizure response dogs are trained to respond and help someone who has epilepsy or a seizure disorder. The seizure alert dog can:
- Summons help, either by finding another person or activating a medical alert or pre-programmed phone
- Pull objects away from the person's body that may be potentially dangerous
- Block the individual with absence seizures and complex partial seizures from walking into obstacles, streets, and other dangerous areas that can result in bodily injury or death
- Attempt to rouse the unconscious handler during or after a seizure
- Provide physical support and emotional support
- Carry information regarding the dog, the handler's medical condition, instructions for first responders, emergency medication, and oxygen
- Sense an impending seizure and their handler or care taker

The above tasks represent what a Seizure Alert Service Dog is capable of performing. Each seizure service dog, seizure alter dog is specifically trained to their owners personal needs based on their medical condition and may or may not include the above tasked described.

Seizure Alert Dog Training
Professional Seizure Alert Dog Training requires 2 very important ingredients:

- a dog that is highly sensitive to human body language
- a professional service dog trainer that is experienced at teaching a dog when and how to use this sensitivity to protect a seizure prone child or adult.

Service Dog Experts is a Professional Florida Dog Training Academy that understands how to train these sensitive and caring alert seizure dogs to alert seizure prone individuals prior to a seizure event.